Pro Touch SA offers professional football training exchange program to UYSA players

Pro Touch SA who are one of our strong partners who always donate sports equipment to us from UK and offering professional football training in the UK have decided to give professional football training to three UYSA players and these are Claus Rebh Kagimu, Luwemba Jeremiah Randy and Mbazira Nicholas Muwanguzi.

These UYSA players on this exchange program will get a chance to interact with Pro Touch SA players, train on Pro Touch SA high quality artificial pitches found at Market Road/Whittington Park which are both based in Islington and also take part in friendly matches with Pro Touch SA elite Academy in the UK.

Like many, this is just a dream here in Uganda given the poor football training facilities available in the country and UYSA with much pleasure thanks Pro Touch SA for the life changing opportunity it has decided to give to these players and hope in future even more underprivileged players will also get a chance in this tremendous interactive exchange.

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